I write about science, the environment, and technology, and their intersections with society. I'm interested in design, both of devices and cities, and how it influences people's lives. I also write about art, books, film, and other topics.

Prior to coming to The Verge, I wrote for Pacific Standard, Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, and other publications.

Before that, I edited Newsweek's front section, which covered business, technology, science, and entertainment. It also had lots of statistics and illustrations based on the week's news. For several years, I ran The Daily Beast's Cheat Sheet (the site's news blog) and wrote about science, the environment, and other topics. Before that I was an editorial assistant at Harper's magazine, and before that, a student at Pomona College. You can find more resume details on LinkedIn.

If you'd like to get in touch, either for a tip, assignment, or just to say hello, send me an email at joshdzieza@gmail.com.